1Psychiatr Q 2004 -1 75: 87-97
TitleRecovering the self in schizophrenia: an integrative review of qualitative studies.
AbstractIn this paper we review qualitative research on recovery from schizophrenia and summarize how persons' daily activities and experiences reflect mechanisms of recovery of the self. We begin by describing examples of persons' daily activities, suggesting that they have in common a stance labeled by E. CORIN (1990) as positive withdrawal, representing negotiation of distance from the social milieu. We note that positive withdrawal may foster the creation of larger life frames, representing broad mechanisms through which to reconsider and ultimately recover a durable sense of self. We suggest that these mechanisms are not specific to people with schizophrenia, and briefly discuss implications of these ideas for models of outpatient treatment.
SCZ Keywordsschizophrenia, schizophrenics