1Neurochem. Int. 2013 May 62: 870-2
TitleExpression and differential response to haloperidol treatment of Cyclon/CCDC86 mRNA in schizophrenia patients.
AbstractA gene known as Cyclon (cytokine-induced protein with coiled-coil domain) or CCDC86 (coiled-coil domain-containing protein 86) is known for its expression in leukocytes in mice, where it regulates the immune response. We investigated whether Cyclon/CCDC68 is expressed in leukocytes of schizophrenia patients and whether it might be used as a biological marker for the disease endophenotype segregation. We examined the level of mRNA of Cyclon/CCDC68 in white blood cells obtained from schizophrenia patients in relapse and remission as well as in healthy controls. The mRNA of Cyclon/CCDC68 was expressed by white blood cells of both schizophrenia patients and healthy controls. There was a dichotomous change in the levels of Cyclon/CCDC68 of relapsed patients before and after treatment. High Cyclon/CCDC68 levels were associated with a recent disease and presence of psychotic symptoms, while low levels were associated with a long duration of the disease and an absence of psychotic symptoms. These data indicate that Cyclon/CCDC68 levels correlate with the clinical presentation of relapsed schizophrenia. Cyclon/CCDC68 might be involved in the immune system disturbances observed in schizophrenia.
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