Search results: The pahtway p2159 has 10 genes in the original annotation. Currently, there are 7 genes in SZGR 2.0 (with evidence in schizophrenia) that are present at this pathway.

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Gene ID Symbol Synonyms Official Full Name Location SZ group ? Functional group ?
4312MMP1CLG | CLGNmatrix metallopeptidase 111q22.3PMID:cooccur
51659GINS2HSPC037 | PSF2 | Pfs2GINS complex subunit 2 (Psf2 homolog)16q24.1CV:PGCnp
6117RPA1HSSB | MST075 | REPA1 | RF-A | RP-A | RPA70replication protein A117p13.3CV:PGCnp
Ascano FMRP targets
8932MBD2DMTase | NY-CO-41methyl-CpG binding domain protein 218q21CV:PGCnp
Chromatin Remodeling Genes
9903KLHL21-kelch like family member 211p36.31CV:PGCnpAscano FMRP targets
10322SMYD5NN8-4AG | RAI15 | RRG1 | ZMYND23SMYD family member 52p13.2CV:PGCnp
9134CCNE2CYCE2cyclin E28q22.1DMG:Jaffe_2016