6mA-Finder: Computational prediction of 6mA sites in the DNA sequences

  6mA-Finder prediction:

6mA-Finder implemented three models, including general prediciton, 6mA-Finder_Rice and 6mA-Finder_Mouse. The Random Forest (RF) algorithms with 65, 55 and 155-dimension representative features selected by recursive feature elimination (RFE) method was implemented as the predictive model for general data, mouse and rice genomes in the 6mA-Finder, respectively.

The threshold represents the class probability for input sample and its value ranges from 0 to 1. The predicted class probability of an input sample are computed as the mean predicted class probability of the trees in the forest. A score greater than 0.5 indicates a candidate 6mA modification site, whereas a score less than 0.5 suggests that it is not a 6mA modification site. Users can set the threshold to filter results in the web server.

There are two options for the Sequence length, including 41-bp and Other-length. For the 41-bp option, the website will return the probability value for the position "21" for all input samples for a quick perdition. Moreover, for the Other-length option, the website will return the probability value of all positions where the nucleotide is the adenine (A).

  Sample FASTA sequences