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The QTL dataset:

Dataset name (PMID)SpeciesMethodPhenotypePublicationSummary
MouseQTLMouseQTLAcute Alcohol Withdrawal, Chronic Alcohol Withdrawal, Alcohol Preference Drinking, Alcohol Stimulated Activity, Alcohol-induced Loss of Righting Reflex, Alcohol AcceptancePARC Alcohol QTLs by Phenotype at Portland Alcohol Research Center.We choose those significant QTLs with unambiguous genetic region and physical region to use in our database (totally 21 QTLs).

There are 21 QTLs in the QTL dataset. Click QTL name to view genes in the QTL region.

QTLChrPeak (cM)LODP ValueRangeStatusPhenotype
Alcw11965.63.00E-07172.3-176.5 (Mb)SignificantAcute Alcohol Withdrawal
Alcw24388.82.00E-1038-38.7 (cM)SignificantAcute Alcohol Withdrawal
Alcw311204.11.00E-0516-28 (cM)SignificantAcute Alcohol Withdrawal
Caws1/Alcw51 6.53.00E-0728-47 (cM)SignificantChronic Alcohol Withdrawal
Calw1/Alcdp11967.62.00E-0989-106.3 (cM)SignificantChronic Alcohol Withdrawal
Caws24 2.30.00533-51 (cM)SignificantChronic Alcohol Withdrawal
Caws3/Alcw68 3.50.000316-43 (cM)SignificantChronic Alcohol Withdrawal
Caws4/Alcw311 6.72.00E-0715-36 (cM)SignificantChronic Alcohol Withdrawal
Caws5/Alcw714 4.26.00E-0524-48 (cM)SignificantChronic Alcohol Withdrawal
Calw2/Alcdp219475.36.00E-0736.5-ter (cM)SignificantChronic Alcohol Withdrawal
Ap1q1764.5 45-95 (cM)SignificantAlcohol Preference Drinking
Alcp12285.3 19-35 (cM)SignificantAlcohol Preference Drinking
Ap3q4754.6 65-ter (cM)SignificantAlcohol Preference Drinking
Ap5q9254.8 10-35 (cM)SignificantAlcohol Preference Drinking
Etact12513.92.20E-0541-61 (cM)SignificantAlcohol Stimulated Activity
Etact29613.64.30E-0551-71 (cM)SignificantAlcohol Stimulated Activity
Lore11 5.4 36.9-41 (cM)SignificantAlcohol-induced Loss of Righting Reflex
Lore22 6.6 75.6-81.7 (cM)SignificantAlcohol-induced Loss of Righting Reflex
Lore411 6.5 36-42 (cM)SignificantAlcohol-induced Loss of Righting Reflex
Lore515 4 18.8-61.7 (cM)SignificantAlcohol-induced Loss of Righting Reflex
Aaq1/Etacc15303.8 15-48 (cM)SignificantAlcohol Acceptance