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Gene Information
Gene ID:675
Full Name:breast cancer 2, early onset
Organism:Homo sapiens (Human)
Genetic Location:13q12.3
Physical Location:31787616-31871808 on NC_000013.9
Gene Type:protein-coding
Orthologs:This gene has no orthologs in other dataset(s).
Gene in Ethanol Study Datasets
Gene Information
Original ID1:BRCA2
Dataset Information
Name:Literature Search
Method:Literature search
Summary:We search all human protein coding gene names and the keywords Alcohol or Ethanol or Alcoholism in the title or abstract of all PUBMED publications. For those gene name less than 3 characters or search result hits more than 100, we use the full name to search again and manually check the results to reduce false positive.
Gene Refseq Sequence Annotation
mRNAProteinReference assembly Genomic
NM_000059.3NP_000050.2NC_000013.9 range: 31787616..31871808
Gene Ontology (GO) Annotation
GO IDGO TermCategoryEvidence (PubMed)
GO:0033593BRCA2-MAGE-D1 complexCellular ComponentIDA (15930293)
GO:0030141secretory granuleCellular ComponentIDA (8589722)
GO:0005813centrosomeCellular ComponentIDA (17286961)
GO:0005654nucleoplasmCellular ComponentEXP (12606939)
GO:0005634nucleusCellular ComponentIDA (9560268|9774970|17286961)
GO:0005515protein bindingMolecular FunctionIPI (9774970|10373512|11597317|12242698|15930293|15967112|16099937|16275750|17515903)
GO:0004402histone acetyltransferase activityMolecular FunctionIDA (9824164)
GO:0003697single-stranded DNA bindingMolecular FunctionIEA
GO:0043015gamma-tubulin bindingMolecular FunctionIPI (17286961)
GO:0016563transcription activator activityMolecular FunctionIDA (9619837)
GO:0033595response to genisteinBiological ProcessIDA (16434996)
GO:0033600negative regulation of mammary gland epithelial cell proliferationBiological ProcessIDA (15930293)
GO:0043627response to estrogen stimulusBiological ProcessIDA (8895509)
GO:0000724double-strand break repair via homologous recombinationBiological ProcessIEA
GO:0033205cytokinesis during cell cycleBiological ProcessIDA (17286961)
GO:0007090regulation of S phase of mitotic cell cycleBiological ProcessNAS (9774970)
GO:0006355regulation of transcription, DNA-dependentBiological ProcessIC (9619837)
GO:0006310DNA recombinationBiological ProcessIEA
GO:0006289nucleotide-excision repairBiological ProcessIMP (16845393)
GO:0051298centrosome duplicationBiological ProcessIDA (17286961)
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