Number of tumor suppressor genes in the database

716 human genes (637 coding and 79 non-coding genes), 628 mouse genes, and 567 rat genes

What's new

We will occasionally update the curation for the tumor suppressor gene, the recent curation on Apr 8th, 2014 (145 human genes were added) is available here.

Our database allows

  • cancer researchers to search and browse the most comprehensive tumor suppressor gene list with literature evidence.

  • cancer researchers to access extensive annotations such as cancer mutations, gene expressions from hundreds of tumor and normal samples, methylation sites, and protein-protein interactions.

  • computational biologists to download coding and non-coding tumor suppressor genes for further analysis.

    Min Zhao, Jingchun Sun, Zhongming Zhao (2013) TSGene: a web resource for tumor suppressor genes. Nucleic Acids Research, 41: D970-D976

  • Pathway

    The highlighted tumor suppressor genes in KEGG pathway maps.


    The overveiw of genomic distribution for all the tumor suppressor genes in our database.

    Data Source

    All the tumor suppressor genes integrated or curated from different data sources in our database.

    Tumor Type

    The tumor suppressor genes in different tumor types.

    Coding Gene

    The popular protein coding tumor suppressor genes in our database.

    Non-coding Gene

    The non-coding tumor suppressor genes in our database.

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