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SeriesSampleInstrumentOrganismTitleCell SourceCharacteristics
GSE51254GSM1241183Illumina HiSeq 2000Homo sapiensSingle Cell C1 Microfluidics 30colon carcinoma HCT116cdna synthesis method: Clontech SMARTer; library construction method: Nextera (transposon); cell line: HCT116
GSE52529GSM1269120Illumina HiSeq 2500Homo sapiensCell T24_CT_F05Human Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts (HSMM)cell type: Human Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts (HSMM); hour post serum-switch: 24; debris: FALSE; control well: FALSE; cells in well: 1; library protocol: Single-cell
GSE57872GSM1395505Illumina HiSeq 2500Homo sapiensSingle cell mRNA-seq_MGH26-2_A11glioblastoma [Pro]patient id: MGH26; cell type: Glioblastoma; subtype: Pro
GSE57872GSM1395761Illumina HiSeq 2500Homo sapiensSingle cell mRNA-seq_MGH29_G03glioblastoma [Neu+Mes]patient id: MGH29; cell type: Glioblastoma; subtype: Neu+Mes
GSE64016GSM1562601Illumina HiSeq 2500Homo sapiensG1_Exp1.002single H1-Fucci cell sorted from G1 phase of the cell cycle onlycell type: human embryonic stem cells; passages: 35-40; treatment: FACS sorted
GSE65364GSM1593772Illumina HiSeq 2000Homo sapiensCa_03_RNAliver cancer cellgender: Male; tissue: liver cancer; passage: 0
GSE66357GSM1620390Illumina NextSeq 500Homo sapiensPS034_R2_0_721U87 human glioma cellscell type: U87 human glioma cells
GSE66357GSM1620646Illumina NextSeq 500Homo sapiensPS034_R2_4_352MCF10a human breast cancer cellscell type: MCF10a human breast cancer cells
GSE67835GSM1657934Illumina NextSeq 500Homo sapienshealthy cortex cell 64cortex microgliatissue: cortex; cell type: microglia; age: postnatal 37 years; c1 chip id: 1772078236; experiment_sample_name: AB_S11
GSE67835GSM1658190Illumina MiSeqHomo sapienshealthy cortex cell 320cortex astrocytestissue: cortex; cell type: astrocytes; age: postnatal 47 years; c1 chip id: nochipID9; experiment_sample_name: AB_S1
Displaying 13391-13400 of 13440 results.