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  PC3 cell

Overall DesignWe generated RNA-Seq libraries for dilution series of MAQC reference RNA and mouse brain RNA to assess technical reproducibility, and for a variety of individual cells including putative circulating tumour cells.
SummaryWe assessed Smart-Seq, a new single-cell RNA-Seq library preparation method, on a variety of mouse and human RNA samples or cells.
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SeriesSampleInstrumentOrganismTitleCell Source
GSE38495GSM967541Illumina Genome Analyzer IIxHomo sapiensPC3 s1-HCT20635-PC3-15PC3 cell
GSE38495GSM967542Illumina Genome Analyzer IIxHomo sapiensPC3 s2-HCT20636-PC3-15PC3 cell
GSE38495GSM967543Illumina Genome Analyzer IIxHomo sapiensPC3 s3_HCT20629-pc3-14PC3 cell
GSE38495GSM967544Illumina Genome Analyzer IIxHomo sapiensPC3 s4_HCT20630-PC3-14PC3 cell

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