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C17orf104 expression in each cell groupMinimum Value (TPM)Median Value (TPM)Maximum Value (TPM)
ESC H9[53 days]00273.827
fetal human cortex 1[12 weeks post-conception]00266.892
fetal human cortex 2[13 weeks post-conception]00327.084
iPSC 409B2[33 days]000.777
iPSC 409B2[35 days]00191.646
iPSC 409B2[37 days]00197.918
iPSC 409B2[41 days]00389.789
iPSC 409B2[58 days]00486.097
iPSC 409B2[65 days]00269.834
NS represents no significant differential expression between two groups was detected by using the BPSC method.

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