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GNB2L1 expression in each cell groupMinimum Value (TPM)Median Value (TPM)Maximum Value (TPM)
Embryonic stem cell5,022.1965,732.5847,187.55
LNCaP cell3,598.6775,662.847,155.584
NG2-sorted cell from blood3,720.6926,041.087,897.739
PC3 cell3,078.3295,283.4985,616.099
Primary melanocyte3,493.7443,894.3424,294.94
SKMEL5 cell3,292.3734,452.0265,763.485
T24 cell4,898.4495,512.4176,311.519
UACC257 cell5,540.6955,858.5697,062.519
NS represents no significant differential expression between two groups was detected by using the BPSC method.

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