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HMHA1 expression in each cell groupMinimum Value (TPM)Median Value (TPM)Maximum Value (TPM)
Endothelial cell00209.295
melanoma tumor070.914,850.969
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Comparing HMHA1 expression between groupsFDR
B-cell VS CAF2.90078051255861e-51
B-cell VS Endothelial cell6.44906879000192e-24
B-cell VS MacrophageNS
B-cell VS T-cellNS
B-cell VS melanoma tumorNS
B-cell VS melanoma1.19190903300752e-36
B-cell VS unresolved1.10825358057452e-14
CAF VS Endothelial cellNS
CAF VS Macrophage1.21022058894806e-13
CAF VS T-cell4.06474280415247e-82
CAF VS melanoma tumor6.46896645398415e-31
CAF VS melanomaNS
CAF VS unresolved1.61608204347905e-07
Endothelial cell VS Macrophage0.000450197856843734
Endothelial cell VS T-cell9.26174378596075e-47
Endothelial cell VS melanoma tumor1.18728963331722e-14
Endothelial cell VS melanomaNS
Endothelial cell VS unresolved0.0123839437222746
Macrophage VS T-cell0.0209592757643742
Macrophage VS melanoma tumorNS
NS represents no significant differential expression between two groups was detected by using the BPSC method.

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 Endothelial cell[40]
 melanoma tumor[246]