Download data sets:

File # File name Download
1 All genes related to cleft lip/palate from 11 eukaryotes with basic information. Download
2 Experimentally identified genes associated with cleft lip/palate in humans and mice with references. Download
3 Cleft related orthologous groups identified from the Orthologous Matrix (OMA) ortholog database. Download
4 Gene expression in 53 human tissues from GTEx and ENCODE. Download
5 Identified variants/mutations related to cleft phenotype. Download
6 Other genetic variants and mutations in cleft genes. Download
7 Disease or phenotype and drug-associated information for cleft genes. Download
8 Gene Ontology, biological pathways and functional annotations for cleft genes. Download
9 Protein structural annotations for cleft genes. Download
10 Protein-protein interactions and gene-miRNA interactions for cleft genes. Download

References and supplemental data:

Previous publications for systematic review and analyses of cleft lip and palate genes in humans and mice.