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Gene Information
Gene ID:81800
Full Name:suppression of tumorigenicity 13
Organism:Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
Genetic Location:7q34
Physical Location:119694122-119728935 on NC_005106.2, complement
Gene Type:protein-coding
Human Ortholog:GeneID: 6767    Symbol (Name): ST13 (suppression of tumorigenicity 13 (colon carcinoma) (Hsp70 interacting protein))
Ortholog Status:The human GeneID 6767 is not in current human dataset.
Gene in Ethanol Study Datasets
Gene Information
Original ID1:X82021
Fold Change:5.8
Tissue:Medial prefrontal (cingulate) cortex
Dataset Information
Tissue:Frontal cortex and amygdala
Phenotype:Ethanol response
Publication:Rimondini et al FASEB J. (2002) Long-lasting increase in voluntary ethanol consumption and transcriptional regulation in the rat brain after intermittent exposure to alcohol. PubMed
Summary:Here we demonstrate that rats subjected to repeated cycles of intoxication and withdrawal develop a marked and long-lasting increase in voluntary ethanol intake. Exposure-induced but not spontaneous alcohol intake is antagonized by acamprosate, a compound clinically effective in human alcoholism. Expression analysis of cingulate cortex and amygdala reveals a set of long-term up-regulated transcripts in this model. Here lists the gene expression changes 3 wk after termination of 7 wk of intermittent ethanol exposure. Fold change values are ethanol exposed vs. control rats.
Gene Refseq Sequence Annotation
mRNAProteinReference assembly Genomic
NM_031122.1NP_112384.1NC_005106.2 range: 119694122..119728935, complement
Gene Ontology (GO) Annotation
GO IDGO TermCategoryEvidence (PubMed)
GO:0005737cytoplasmCellular ComponentIEA
GO:0005488bindingMolecular FunctionIEA
GO:0019904protein domain specific bindingMolecular FunctionIDA (7585962)
GO:0030544Hsp70 protein bindingMolecular FunctionIDA (7585962)
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NCBI Entrez Gene:81800