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Cross referenced IDs for 11010
* We obtained these cross-references from Uniprot database. It covers 150 different DBs, 18 categories.
DB CategoryDB NameDB's ID and Url link
Genome annotation databasesEnsembl ENST00000266659; ENSP00000266659; ENSG00000139278. [P48060-1]
Genome annotation databasesGeneID 11010; -.
Genome annotation databasesKEGG hsa:11010; -.
Genome annotation databasesUCSC uc001sxs.3; human. [P48060-1]
Sequence databasesCCDS CCDS9011.1; -. [P48060-1]
Sequence databasesEMBL U16307; AAA82731.3; ALT_FRAME; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL X91911; CAA63005.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL AF400440; AAK92489.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL EF667354; ABV21587.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL BC012510; AAH12510.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesPIR JC4131; JC4131.
Sequence databasesPIR JC5308; JC5308.
Sequence databasesRefSeq NP_006842.2; NM_006851.2. [P48060-1]
Sequence databasesUniGene Hs.205558; -.
Polymorphism databasesDMDM 27735198; -.
Gene expression databasesBgee P48060; -.
Gene expression databasesCleanEx HS_GLIPR1; -.
Gene expression databasesExpressionAtlas P48060; baseline and differential.
Gene expression databasesGenevestigator P48060; -.
OntologiesGO GO:0005576; C:extracellular region; IEA:InterPro.
OntologiesGO GO:0016021; C:integral component of membrane; IEA:UniProtKB-KW.
OntologiesGO GO:0016020; C:membrane; IDA:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0005886; C:plasma membrane; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0044255; P:cellular lipid metabolic process; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0044281; P:small molecule metabolic process; TAS:Reactome.
Proteomic databasesMaxQB P48060; -.
Proteomic databasesPaxDb P48060; -.
Proteomic databasesPRIDE P48060; -.
Family and domain databasesGene3D; -; 1.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR001283; Allrgn_V5/Tpx1.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR018244; Allrgn_V5/Tpx1_CS.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR014044; CAP_domain.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR002413; V5_allergen.
Family and domain databasesPANTHER PTHR10334; PTHR10334; 1.
Family and domain databasesPfam PF00188; CAP; 1.
Family and domain databasesPRINTS PR00838; V5ALLERGEN.
Family and domain databasesPRINTS PR00837; V5TPXLIKE.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS01009; CRISP_1; 1.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS01010; CRISP_2; 1.
Family and domain databasesSMART SM00198; SCP; 1.
Family and domain databasesSUPFAM SSF55797; SSF55797; 1.
PTM databasesPhosphoSite P48060; -.
Protein-protein interaction databasesBioGrid 116200; 2.
Protein-protein interaction databasesIntAct P48060; 1.
Protein-protein interaction databasesSTRING 9606.ENSP00000266659; -.
Enzyme and pathway databasesReactome REACT_116145; PPARA activates gene expression.
3D structure databasesPDB 3Q2R; X-ray; 2.20 A; A=22-220.
3D structure databasesPDB 3Q2U; X-ray; 1.85 A; A=22-220.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 3Q2R; -.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 3Q2U; -.
3D structure databasesProteinModelPortal P48060; -.
3D structure databasesSMR P48060; 22-213.
Protocols and materials databasesDNASU 11010; -.
Phylogenomic databaseseggNOG COG2340; -.
Phylogenomic databasesGeneTree ENSGT00760000119004; -.
Phylogenomic databasesHOGENOM HOG000036879; -.
Phylogenomic databasesHOVERGEN HBG072125; -.
Phylogenomic databasesInParanoid P48060; -.
Phylogenomic databasesOMA YYDFKTR; -.
Phylogenomic databasesOrthoDB EOG7F7WB4; -.
Phylogenomic databasesPhylomeDB P48060; -.
Phylogenomic databasesTreeFam TF316148; -.
Organism-specific databasesCTD 11010; -.
Organism-specific databasesGeneCards GC12P075800; -.
Organism-specific databasesHGNC HGNC:17001; GLIPR1.
Organism-specific databasesHPA HPA011014; -.
Organism-specific databasesMIM 602692; gene.
Organism-specific databasesneXtProt NX_P48060; -.
Organism-specific databasesPharmGKB PA134988403; -.
OtherEvolutionaryTrace P48060; -.
OtherGeneWiki GLIPR1; -.
OtherGenomeRNAi 11010; -.
OtherNextBio 41823; -.
OtherPRO PR:P48060; -.

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