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Cross referenced IDs for 2977
* We obtained these cross-references from Uniprot database. It covers 150 different DBs, 18 categories.
DB CategoryDB NameDB's ID and Url link
Genome annotation databasesEnsembl ENST00000282249; ENSP00000282249; ENSG00000152402. [P33402-2]
Genome annotation databasesEnsembl ENST00000347596; ENSP00000344874; ENSG00000152402. [P33402-3]
Genome annotation databasesEnsembl ENST00000526355; ENSP00000431245; ENSG00000152402. [P33402-1]
Genome annotation databasesGeneID 2977; -.
Genome annotation databasesKEGG hsa:2977; -.
Genome annotation databasesUCSC uc001pjf.5; human. [P33402-2]
Genome annotation databasesUCSC uc001pjg.2; human. [P33402-1]
Genome annotation databasesUCSC uc010rvo.2; human.
Sequence databasesCCDS CCDS58170.1; -. [P33402-2]
Sequence databasesCCDS CCDS8335.1; -. [P33402-1]
Sequence databasesEMBL X63282; CAA44921.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL Z50053; CAA90393.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL AP001282; -; NOT_ANNOTATED_CDS; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL AP001881; -; NOT_ANNOTATED_CDS; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL AP003078; -; NOT_ANNOTATED_CDS; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL AP005014; -; NOT_ANNOTATED_CDS; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL CH471065; EAW67081.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL BC130484; AAI30485.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL BC130488; AAI30489.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL BC144033; AAI44034.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesPIR S18325; S18325.
Sequence databasesRefSeq NP_000846.1; NM_000855.2. [P33402-1]
Sequence databasesRefSeq NP_001243353.1; NM_001256424.1. [P33402-2]
Sequence databasesUniGene Hs.24321; -.
Polymorphism databasesDMDM 461897; -.
Gene expression databasesBgee P33402; -.
Gene expression databasesCleanEx HS_GUCY1A2; -.
Gene expression databasesGenevestigator P33402; -.
OntologiesGO GO:0005737; C:cytoplasm; IEA:UniProtKB-KW.
OntologiesGO GO:0005525; F:GTP binding; IEA:UniProtKB-KW.
OntologiesGO GO:0004383; F:guanylate cyclase activity; TAS:ProtInc.
OntologiesGO GO:0020037; F:heme binding; IEA:InterPro.
OntologiesGO GO:0007596; P:blood coagulation; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0035556; P:intracellular signal transduction; IEA:InterPro.
OntologiesGO GO:0030828; P:positive regulation of cGMP biosynthetic process; IEA:Ensembl.
OntologiesGO GO:0007165; P:signal transduction; TAS:ProtInc.
Proteomic databasesMaxQB P33402; -.
Proteomic databasesPaxDb P33402; -.
Proteomic databasesPRIDE P33402; -.
Family and domain databasesGene3D; -; 1.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR001054; A/G_cyclase.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR018297; A/G_cyclase_CS.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR011645; Haem_no_assoc-bd.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR011644; Heme_NO-bd.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR024096; NO_sig/Golgi_transp_ligand-bd.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR029787; Nucleotide_cyclase.
Family and domain databasesPfam PF00211; Guanylate_cyc; 1.
Family and domain databasesPfam PF07700; HNOB; 1.
Family and domain databasesPfam PF07701; HNOBA; 1.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS00452; GUANYLATE_CYCLASE_1; 1.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS50125; GUANYLATE_CYCLASE_2; 1.
Family and domain databasesSMART SM00044; CYCc; 1.
Family and domain databasesSUPFAM SSF111126; SSF111126; 1.
Family and domain databasesSUPFAM SSF55073; SSF55073; 1.
PTM databasesPhosphoSite P33402; -.
Protein-protein interaction databasesBioGrid 109232; 11.
Protein-protein interaction databasesIntAct P33402; 1.
Protein-protein interaction databasesSTRING 9606.ENSP00000344874; -.
Enzyme and pathway databasesReactome REACT_23862; Nitric oxide stimulates guanylate cyclase.
3D structure databasesProteinModelPortal P33402; -.
3D structure databasesSMR P33402; 318-433, 446-506, 512-698.
Phylogenomic databaseseggNOG COG2114; -.
Phylogenomic databasesGeneTree ENSGT00760000118959; -.
Phylogenomic databasesHOVERGEN HBG106603; -.
Phylogenomic databasesInParanoid P33402; -.
Phylogenomic databasesKO K12318; -.
Phylogenomic databasesOMA ECENTNI; -.
Phylogenomic databasesOrthoDB EOG7VX8Z6; -.
Phylogenomic databasesPhylomeDB P33402; -.
Phylogenomic databasesTreeFam TF351403; -.
Organism-specific databasesCTD 2977; -.
Organism-specific databasesGeneCards GC11M106548; -.
Organism-specific databasesHGNC HGNC:4684; GUCY1A2.
Organism-specific databasesHPA CAB009534; -.
Organism-specific databasesMIM 601244; gene.
Organism-specific databasesneXtProt NX_P33402; -.
Organism-specific databasesPharmGKB PA186; -.
ChemistryChEMBL CHEMBL2111348; -.
ChemistryDrugBank DB01020; Isosorbide Mononitrate.
ChemistryDrugBank DB00435; Nitric Oxide.
OtherChiTaRS GUCY1A2; human.
OtherGeneWiki GUCY1A2; -.
OtherGenomeRNAi 2977; -.
OtherNextBio 11808; -.
OtherPRO PR:P33402; -.

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