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Cross referenced IDs for 8972
* We obtained these cross-references from Uniprot database. It covers 150 different DBs, 18 categories.
DB CategoryDB NameDB's ID and Url link
Genome annotation databasesEnsembl ENST00000549489; ENSP00000447378; ENSG00000257335.
Genome annotation databasesEnsembl ENST00000620571; ENSP00000482292; ENSG00000257335.
Genome annotation databasesGeneID 8972; -.
Genome annotation databasesKEGG hsa:8972; -.
Genome annotation databasesUCSC uc003vwy.3; human.
Sequence databasesCCDS CCDS47727.1; -.
Sequence databasesEMBL AF016833; AAC39568.2; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL AC091684; AAP21875.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL AC073647; AAS07445.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL AC091742; -; NOT_ANNOTATED_CDS; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL BC120872; AAI20873.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesRefSeq NP_004659.2; NM_004668.2.
Sequence databasesUniGene Hs.122785; -.
Gene expression databasesBgee O43451; -.
Gene expression databasesCleanEx HS_MGA; -.
Gene expression databasesCleanEx HS_MGAM; -.
Gene expression databasesExpressionAtlas O43451; baseline and differential.
Gene expression databasesGenevestigator O43451; -.
OntologiesGO GO:0070062; C:extracellular vesicular exosome; IDA:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0016021; C:integral component of membrane; IEA:UniProtKB-KW.
OntologiesGO GO:0005886; C:plasma membrane; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0004558; F:alpha-1,4-glucosidase activity; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0016160; F:amylase activity; IEA:Ensembl.
OntologiesGO GO:0030246; F:carbohydrate binding; IEA:InterPro.
OntologiesGO GO:0003824; F:catalytic activity; TAS:ProtInc.
OntologiesGO GO:0004339; F:glucan 1,4-alpha-glucosidase activity; IEA:UniProtKB-EC.
OntologiesGO GO:0032450; F:maltose alpha-glucosidase activity; IEA:UniProtKB-EC.
OntologiesGO GO:0005975; P:carbohydrate metabolic process; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0044245; P:polysaccharide digestion; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0044281; P:small molecule metabolic process; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0005983; P:starch catabolic process; TAS:ProtInc.
Proteomic databasesPaxDb O43451; -.
Proteomic databasesPRIDE O43451; -.
Protein family/group databasesCAZy GH31; Glycoside Hydrolase Family 31.
Family and domain databasesGene3D; -; 2.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR011013; Gal_mutarotase_SF_dom.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR000322; Glyco_hydro_31.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR017853; Glycoside_hydrolase_SF.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR000519; P_trefoil.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR017957; P_trefoil_CS.
Family and domain databasesPfam PF01055; Glyco_hydro_31; 2.
Family and domain databasesPfam PF00088; Trefoil; 2.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS00129; GLYCOSYL_HYDROL_F31_1; 2.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS00707; GLYCOSYL_HYDROL_F31_2; 1.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS00025; P_TREFOIL_1; 1.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS51448; P_TREFOIL_2; 2.
Family and domain databasesSMART SM00018; PD; 2.
Family and domain databasesSUPFAM SSF51445; SSF51445; 4.
Family and domain databasesSUPFAM SSF74650; SSF74650; 2.
PTM databasesPhosphoSite O43451; -.
Protein-protein interaction databasesBioGrid 114462; 2.
Protein-protein interaction databasesIntAct O43451; 2.
Protein-protein interaction databasesSTRING 9606.ENSP00000373973; -.
Enzyme and pathway databasesReactome REACT_9472; Digestion of dietary carbohydrate.
3D structure databasesPDB 2QLY; X-ray; 2.00 A; A=87-954.
3D structure databasesPDB 2QMJ; X-ray; 1.90 A; A=87-954.
3D structure databasesPDB 3CTT; X-ray; 2.10 A; A=87-954.
3D structure databasesPDB 3L4T; X-ray; 1.90 A; A=87-954.
3D structure databasesPDB 3L4U; X-ray; 1.90 A; A=87-954.
3D structure databasesPDB 3L4V; X-ray; 2.10 A; A=87-954.
3D structure databasesPDB 3L4W; X-ray; 2.00 A; A=87-954.
3D structure databasesPDB 3L4X; X-ray; 1.90 A; A=87-954.
3D structure databasesPDB 3L4Y; X-ray; 1.80 A; A=87-954.
3D structure databasesPDB 3L4Z; X-ray; 2.00 A; A=87-954.
3D structure databasesPDB 3TON; X-ray; 2.95 A; A/B=960-1853.
3D structure databasesPDB 3TOP; X-ray; 2.88 A; A/B=960-1853.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 2QLY; -.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 2QMJ; -.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 3CTT; -.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 3L4T; -.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 3L4U; -.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 3L4V; -.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 3L4W; -.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 3L4X; -.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 3L4Y; -.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 3L4Z; -.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 3TON; -.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 3TOP; -.
3D structure databasesProteinModelPortal O43451; -.
3D structure databasesSMR O43451; 93-955, 960-1849.
Phylogenomic databaseseggNOG COG1501; -.
Phylogenomic databasesGeneTree ENSGT00760000119229; -.
Phylogenomic databasesHOGENOM HOG000067936; -.
Phylogenomic databasesHOVERGEN HBG080721; -.
Phylogenomic databasesInParanoid O43451; -.
Phylogenomic databasesKO K12047; -.
Phylogenomic databasesPhylomeDB O43451; -.
Phylogenomic databasesTreeFam TF314577; -.
Organism-specific databasesCTD 8972; -.
Organism-specific databasesGeneCards GC07P141607; -.
Organism-specific databasesH-InvDB HIX0025263; -.
Organism-specific databasesHGNC HGNC:7043; MGAM.
Organism-specific databasesHPA HPA002270; -.
Organism-specific databasesMIM 154360; gene.
Organism-specific databasesneXtProt NX_O43451; -.
Organism-specific databasesPharmGKB PA30778; -.
ChemistryBindingDB O43451; -.
ChemistryChEMBL CHEMBL2074; -.
ChemistryDrugBank DB00284; Acarbose.
ChemistryDrugBank DB00491; Miglitol.
ChemistryDrugBank DB04878; Voglibose.
ChemistryGuidetoPHARMACOLOGY 2627; -.
OtherEvolutionaryTrace O43451; -.
OtherGeneWiki Maltase-glucoamylase; -.
OtherGenomeRNAi 8972; -.
OtherNextBio 33667; -.
OtherPRO PR:O43451; -.

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