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Cross referenced IDs for 5576
* We obtained these cross-references from Uniprot database. It covers 150 different DBs, 18 categories.
DB CategoryDB NameDB's ID and Url link
Genome annotation databasesEnsembl ENST00000265563; ENSP00000265563; ENSG00000114302. [P13861-1]
Genome annotation databasesEnsembl ENST00000296446; ENSP00000296446; ENSG00000114302. [P13861-2]
Genome annotation databasesEnsembl ENST00000454963; ENSP00000394041; ENSG00000114302. [P13861-1]
Genome annotation databasesGeneID 5576; -.
Genome annotation databasesKEGG hsa:5576; -.
Genome annotation databasesUCSC uc003cux.1; human. [P13861-1]
Sequence databasesCCDS CCDS2778.1; -.
Sequence databasesEMBL X14968; CAA33094.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL BT007225; AAP35889.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL AC141002; -; NOT_ANNOTATED_CDS; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL AC144546; -; NOT_ANNOTATED_CDS; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL CH471055; EAW64926.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL CH471055; EAW64927.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL BC002763; AAH02763.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL X99455; CAA67817.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesPIR S03885; OKHU2R.
Sequence databasesRefSeq NP_004148.1; NM_004157.2.
Sequence databasesRefSeq XP_005265370.1; XM_005265313.1.
Sequence databasesRefSeq XP_005265371.1; XM_005265314.2.
Sequence databasesUniGene Hs.631923; -.
Polymorphism databasesDMDM 125198; -.
Gene expression databasesBgee P13861; -.
Gene expression databasesCleanEx HS_PRKAR2A; -.
Gene expression databasesExpressionAtlas P13861; baseline and differential.
Gene expression databasesGenevestigator P13861; -.
OntologiesGO GO:0031588; C:AMP-activated protein kinase complex; IDA:BHF-UCL.
OntologiesGO GO:0005952; C:cAMP-dependent protein kinase complex; IEA:InterPro.
OntologiesGO GO:0005813; C:centrosome; IDA:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0005737; C:cytoplasm; IDA:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0005829; C:cytosol; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0070062; C:extracellular vesicular exosome; IDA:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0005925; C:focal adhesion; IDA:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0016020; C:membrane; IDA:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0005886; C:plasma membrane; IDA:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0030552; F:cAMP binding; IEA:UniProtKB-KW.
OntologiesGO GO:0004862; F:cAMP-dependent protein kinase inhibitor activity; IDA:BHF-UCL.
OntologiesGO GO:0008603; F:cAMP-dependent protein kinase regulator activity; NAS:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0034236; F:protein kinase A catalytic subunit binding; IPI:BHF-UCL.
OntologiesGO GO:0031625; F:ubiquitin protein ligase binding; IDA:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0007202; P:activation of phospholipase C activity; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0034199; P:activation of protein kinase A activity; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0007596; P:blood coagulation; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0071377; P:cellular response to glucagon stimulus; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0006112; P:energy reserve metabolic process; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0007173; P:epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0008543; P:fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0045087; P:innate immune response; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0035556; P:intracellular signal transduction; TAS:ProtInc.
OntologiesGO GO:2000480; P:negative regulation of cAMP-dependent protein kinase activity; IDA:BHF-UCL.
OntologiesGO GO:0048011; P:neurotrophin TRK receptor signaling pathway; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0050796; P:regulation of insulin secretion; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0007165; P:signal transduction; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0044281; P:small molecule metabolic process; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0055085; P:transmembrane transport; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0006833; P:water transport; TAS:Reactome.
Proteomic databasesMaxQB P13861; -.
Proteomic databasesPaxDb P13861; -.
Proteomic databasesPRIDE P13861; -.
Family and domain databasesGene3D; -; 2.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR002373; cAMP/cGMP_kin.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR012198; cAMP_dep_PK_reg_su.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR003117; cAMP_dep_PK_reg_su_I/II_a/b.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR018490; cNMP-bd-like.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR018488; cNMP-bd_CS.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR000595; cNMP-bd_dom.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR014710; RmlC-like_jellyroll.
Family and domain databasesPfam PF00027; cNMP_binding; 2.
Family and domain databasesPfam PF02197; RIIa; 1.
Family and domain databasesPIRSF PIRSF000548; PK_regulatory; 1.
Family and domain databasesPRINTS PR00103; CAMPKINASE.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS00888; CNMP_BINDING_1; 2.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS00889; CNMP_BINDING_2; 2.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS50042; CNMP_BINDING_3; 2.
Family and domain databasesSMART SM00100; cNMP; 2.
Family and domain databasesSMART SM00394; RIIa; 1.
Family and domain databasesSUPFAM SSF47391; SSF47391; 1.
Family and domain databasesSUPFAM SSF51206; SSF51206; 2.
PTM databasesPhosphoSite P13861; -.
Protein-protein interaction databasesBioGrid 111562; 39.
Protein-protein interaction databasesDIP DIP-552N; -.
Protein-protein interaction databasesIntAct P13861; 19.
Protein-protein interaction databasesMINT MINT-5000495; -.
Protein-protein interaction databasesSTRING 9606.ENSP00000265563; -.
Enzyme and pathway databasesReactome REACT_15334; DARPP-32 events.
Enzyme and pathway databasesReactome REACT_15530; PKA activation.
Enzyme and pathway databasesReactome REACT_18274; Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP1) regulates insulin secretion.
Enzyme and pathway databasesReactome REACT_1946; PKA activation in glucagon signalling.
Enzyme and pathway databasesReactome REACT_24023; Vasopressin regulates renal water homeostasis via Aquaporins.
Enzyme and pathway databasesReactome REACT_24970; Factors involved in megakaryocyte development and platelet production.
Enzyme and pathway databasesReactome REACT_267634; Hedgehog 'off' state.
Enzyme and pathway databasesSignaLink P13861; -.
2D gel databasesOGP P13861; -.
3D structure databasesPDB 2IZX; X-ray; 1.30 A; A/B=4-44.
3D structure databasesPDB 2KYG; NMR; -; A/B=1-45.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 2IZX; -.
3D structure databasesPDBsum 2KYG; -.
3D structure databasesProteinModelPortal P13861; -.
3D structure databasesSMR P13861; 4-396.
Protocols and materials databasesDNASU 5576; -.
Phylogenomic databaseseggNOG COG0664; -.
Phylogenomic databasesGeneTree ENSGT00530000062947; -.
Phylogenomic databasesHOGENOM HOG000196668; -.
Phylogenomic databasesHOVERGEN HBG002025; -.
Phylogenomic databasesInParanoid P13861; -.
Phylogenomic databasesKO K04739; -.
Phylogenomic databasesOMA LEMSERM; -.
Phylogenomic databasesPhylomeDB P13861; -.
Phylogenomic databasesTreeFam TF314920; -.
Organism-specific databasesCTD 5576; -.
Organism-specific databasesGeneCards GC03M048782; -.
Organism-specific databasesHGNC HGNC:9391; PRKAR2A.
Organism-specific databasesHPA CAB005023; -.
Organism-specific databasesMIM 176910; gene.
Organism-specific databasesneXtProt NX_P13861; -.
Organism-specific databasesPharmGKB PA33757; -.
OtherChiTaRS PRKAR2A; human.
OtherEvolutionaryTrace P13861; -.
OtherGeneWiki PRKAR2A; -.
OtherGenomeRNAi 5576; -.
OtherNextBio 21620; -.
OtherPRO PR:P13861; -.

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