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Cross referenced IDs for 6390
* We obtained these cross-references from Uniprot database. It covers 150 different DBs, 18 categories.
DB CategoryDB NameDB's ID and Url link
Genome annotation databasesEnsembl ENST00000375499; ENSP00000364649; ENSG00000117118.
Genome annotation databasesGeneID 6390; -.
Genome annotation databasesKEGG hsa:6390; -.
Genome annotation databasesUCSC uc001bae.3; human.
Sequence databasesCCDS CCDS176.1; -.
Sequence databasesEMBL U17248; AAA81167.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL U17886; AAA80581.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL U17296; AAA80581.1; JOINED; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL U17880; AAA80581.1; JOINED; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL U17881; AAA80581.1; JOINED; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL U17882; AAA80581.1; JOINED; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL U17883; AAA80581.1; JOINED; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL U17884; AAA80581.1; JOINED; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL U17885; AAA80581.1; JOINED; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL AK312056; BAG34992.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL AL049569; CAB96822.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL CH471134; EAW94828.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL BC007840; AAH07840.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL DQ403007; ABD77140.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL D10245; BAA01089.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesEMBL M32246; AAA35708.1; -; mRNA.
Sequence databasesPIR I38895; I38895.
Sequence databasesRefSeq NP_002991.2; NM_003000.2.
Sequence databasesUniGene Hs.465924; -.
Polymorphism databasesDMDM 20455488; -.
Gene expression databasesBgee P21912; -.
Gene expression databasesCleanEx HS_SDHB; -.
Gene expression databasesExpressionAtlas P21912; baseline and differential.
Gene expression databasesGenevestigator P21912; -.
OntologiesGO GO:0070062; C:extracellular vesicular exosome; IDA:UniProt.
OntologiesGO GO:0005743; C:mitochondrial inner membrane; ISS:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0005749; C:mitochondrial respiratory chain complex II; ISS:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0005739; C:mitochondrion; TAS:ProtInc.
OntologiesGO GO:0051537; F:2 iron, 2 sulfur cluster binding; ISS:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0051538; F:3 iron, 4 sulfur cluster binding; ISS:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0051539; F:4 iron, 4 sulfur cluster binding; ISS:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0009055; F:electron carrier activity; IEA:InterPro.
OntologiesGO GO:0046872; F:metal ion binding; IEA:UniProtKB-KW.
OntologiesGO GO:0008177; F:succinate dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) activity; IEA:UniProtKB-EC.
OntologiesGO GO:0048039; F:ubiquinone binding; ISS:UniProtKB.
OntologiesGO GO:0009060; P:aerobic respiration; TAS:ProtInc.
OntologiesGO GO:0044237; P:cellular metabolic process; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0022904; P:respiratory electron transport chain; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0044281; P:small molecule metabolic process; TAS:Reactome.
OntologiesGO GO:0006105; P:succinate metabolic process; IEA:Ensembl.
OntologiesGO GO:0006099; P:tricarboxylic acid cycle; TAS:Reactome.
Proteomic databasesMaxQB P21912; -.
Proteomic databasesPaxDb P21912; -.
Proteomic databasesPeptideAtlas P21912; -.
Proteomic databasesPRIDE P21912; -.
Family and domain databasesGene3D; -; 1.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR001041; 2Fe-2S_ferredoxin-type.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR006058; 2Fe2S_fd_BS.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR017896; 4Fe4S_Fe-S-bd.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR017900; 4Fe4S_Fe_S_CS.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR012675; Beta-grasp_dom.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR009051; Helical_ferredxn.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR004489; Succ_DH/fum_Rdtase_Fe-S.
Family and domain databasesInterPro IPR025192; Succ_DH/fum_Rdtase_N.
Family and domain databasesPfam PF13085; Fer2_3; 1.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS00197; 2FE2S_FER_1; 1.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS51085; 2FE2S_FER_2; 1.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS00198; 4FE4S_FER_1; 1.
Family and domain databasesPROSITE PS51379; 4FE4S_FER_2; 1.
Family and domain databasesSUPFAM SSF46548; SSF46548; 1.
Family and domain databasesSUPFAM SSF54292; SSF54292; 1.
Family and domain databasesTIGRFAMs TIGR00384; dhsB; 1.
PTM databasesPhosphoSite P21912; -.
Protein-protein interaction databasesBioGrid 112291; 45.
Protein-protein interaction databasesIntAct P21912; 10.
Protein-protein interaction databasesMINT MINT-3009566; -.
Protein-protein interaction databasesSTRING 9606.ENSP00000364649; -.
Enzyme and pathway databasesBioCyc MetaCyc:ENSG00000117118-MONOMER; -.
Enzyme and pathway databasesReactome REACT_1785; Citric acid cycle (TCA cycle).
Enzyme and pathway databasesReactome REACT_22393; Respiratory electron transport.
Enzyme and pathway databasesUniPathway UPA00223; UER01006.
2D gel databasesUCD-2DPAGE P21912; -.
3D structure databasesProteinModelPortal P21912; -.
3D structure databasesSMR P21912; 37-275.
Protocols and materials databasesDNASU 6390; -.
Phylogenomic databaseseggNOG COG0479; -.
Phylogenomic databasesGeneTree ENSGT00390000013558; -.
Phylogenomic databasesHOGENOM HOG000160590; -.
Phylogenomic databasesHOVERGEN HBG005483; -.
Phylogenomic databasesInParanoid P21912; -.
Phylogenomic databasesKO K00235; -.
Phylogenomic databasesOMA IMNCSRT; -.
Phylogenomic databasesOrthoDB EOG7H4DTN; -.
Phylogenomic databasesPhylomeDB P21912; -.
Phylogenomic databasesTreeFam TF300754; -.
Organism-specific databasesCTD 6390; -.
Organism-specific databasesGeneCards GC01M017345; -.
Organism-specific databasesGeneReviews SDHB; -.
Organism-specific databasesHGNC HGNC:10681; SDHB.
Organism-specific databasesHPA CAB009822; -.
Organism-specific databasesHPA HPA002867; -.
Organism-specific databasesHPA HPA002868; -.
Organism-specific databasesMIM 115310; phenotype.
Organism-specific databasesMIM 171300; phenotype.
Organism-specific databasesMIM 185470; gene.
Organism-specific databasesMIM 606864; phenotype.
Organism-specific databasesMIM 612359; phenotype.
Organism-specific databasesneXtProt NX_P21912; -.
Organism-specific databasesOrphanet 97286; Carney-Stratakis syndrome.
Organism-specific databasesOrphanet 201; Cowden syndrome.
Organism-specific databasesOrphanet 44890; Gastrointestinal stromal tumor.
Organism-specific databasesOrphanet 29072; Hereditary pheochromocytoma-paraganglioma.
Organism-specific databasesOrphanet 3208; Isolated succinate-CoQ reductase deficiency.
Organism-specific databasesPharmGKB PA35606; -.
ChemistryDrugBank DB00139; Succinic acid.
OtherChiTaRS SDHB; human.
OtherGeneWiki SDHB; -.
OtherGenomeRNAi 6390; -.
OtherNextBio 24824; -.
OtherPRO PR:P21912; -.

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