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Gene Information
Gene ID:1182
Full Name:chloride channel 3
Organism:Homo sapiens (Human)
Genetic Location:4q33
Physical Location:170778296-170878731 on NC_000004.10
Gene Type:protein-coding
Orthologs:This gene has Mouse: 12725 ortholog(s) in other dataset(s).
Gene in Ethanol Study Datasets
Gene Information
Original ID1:Hs.481186
Note:"Class II, down-regulated gene"
Dataset Information
Tissue:Frontal cortex
Phenotype:Alcohol dependence (AD)/Alcohol abuse/Alcoholism
Publication:Liu et al. Neuropsychopharmacology. (2006) Patterns of gene expression in the frontal cortex discriminate alcoholic from nonalcoholic individuals. PubMed
Summary:In the present study, microarray analysis (approximately 47,000 elements) was performed on the superior frontal cortex of 27 individual human cases (14 well characterized alcoholics and 13 matched controls). A classification system was developed in which differentially expressed genes were divided into two classes. Class I genes were qualitatively different, that is, they were predominantly detected in one group but not the other. Multiple criteria were used to define Class II genes. First, only the genes detected on over 80% of the arrays in both groups. Class II were then defined as those consistently detected in both groups having absolute PLS loadings scores of >2.0 and t- probabilities of <0.05.
Gene Refseq Sequence Annotation
mRNAProteinReference assembly Genomic
NM_001829.2NP_001820.2NC_000004.10 range: 170778296..170878731
NM_173872.2NP_776297.2NC_000004.10 range: 170778296..170878731
Gene Ontology (GO) Annotation
GO IDGO TermCategoryEvidence (PubMed)
GO:0000139Golgi membraneCellular ComponentIEA
GO:0031902late endosome membraneCellular ComponentIEA
GO:0031901early endosome membraneCellular ComponentIEA
GO:0016021integral to membraneCellular ComponentTAS (12471024)
GO:0012506vesicle membraneCellular ComponentISS
GO:0012506vesicle membraneCellular ComponentIDA (12471024)
GO:0009986cell surfaceCellular ComponentNAS (12471024)
GO:0005886plasma membraneCellular ComponentIEA
GO:0005794Golgi apparatusCellular ComponentISS
GO:0005794Golgi apparatusCellular ComponentIDA (12471024)
GO:0030165PDZ domain bindingMolecular FunctionISS
GO:0005247voltage-gated chloride channel activityMolecular FunctionTAS (7665160)
GO:0031404chloride ion bindingMolecular FunctionIEA
GO:0042803protein homodimerization activityMolecular FunctionNAS (12471024)
GO:0030165PDZ domain bindingMolecular FunctionIDA (12471024)
GO:0005515protein bindingMolecular FunctionIPI (12471024)
GO:0046982protein heterodimerization activityMolecular FunctionIDA (12471024)
GO:0046982protein heterodimerization activityMolecular FunctionISS
GO:0005244voltage-gated ion channel activityMolecular FunctionIEA
GO:0006811ion transportBiological ProcessIEA
GO:0006885regulation of pHBiological ProcessTAS (12471024)
GO:0006821chloride transportBiological ProcessIEA
GO:0048388endosomal lumen acidificationBiological ProcessTAS (12471024)
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