TSEA-DB provides a comprehensive reference for trait-associated tissues. A systematic tissue-specific enrichment analysis (TSEA) has been conducted using deTS to infer tissues in which trait-associated genes are enriched. Two reference tissue panels are collected: the GTEx v7 panel (47 tissues) and the ENCODE panel (44 tissues). A total of 5019 GWAS summary statistics data sets for human complex traits and diseases (435 + 161 GWAS data sets from the non-UKBB panel and 4423 data sets from the UKBB panel) have been analyzed for their causal tissues.


Multi-Trait Collection (MTC)

435 GWAS summary statistics data sets for ~200 human complex traits or diseases (source)


Expanded Trait Collection (ETC)

Manually curated GWAS summary statistics data sets (currently n = 161)


UKBB Traits

A total of 4423 GWAS summary statistics data sets from UK Biobank (UKBB)


Tissue Panel

A total of 71 tissues from GTEx v7 (n = 47 tissues) and ENCODE (n = 44 tissues)



TSEA-DB is a data warehouse for trait-associated tissue specificity. deTS is an R package developed by our group to decode tissue specificity, aka tissue-specific enrichment analysis (TSEA). It includes two reference panels for tissue expression profile. TSEA-DB conducts TSEA for trait associated genes and infer trait relevant tissues. Our trait collection and their related genes include (1) Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) by manual curation, and (2) UKBB GWAS data. Please email us if there are any feedbacks. Documentation can be found here.


435 + 161 human complex traits and diseases from non-UKBB panel
4423 human complex traits and diseases from UKBB panel
71 human tissues forming 2 reference panels for deTS
The GTEx v7 panel: 47 tissues and the ENCODE panel: 44 tissues
4453 trait-tissue association for the GTEx panel (p < 0.001)
3113 trait-tissue association for the ENCODE panel (p < 0.001)


August 06, 2019: Version 1.0 of TSEA-DB was released. This data freeze was the version for manuscript writing, including 5019 GWAS data sets (ETC panel: 161, MTC panel: 435, and UKBB panel: 4423).
May 20, 2019: deTS of all traits were conducted.
Apr 20, 2019: All UKBB traits were downloaded.
Apr 01, 2019: GWAS summary statistics for more than 200 traits were collected and preprocessed.
Mar 01, 2019: deTS was accepted by Bioinformatics.
Oct 01, 2018: GWAS summary statistics for 26 traits were downloaded and preprocessed.
Sep 01, 2018: the reference ENCODE panel was preprocessed.
Aug 01, 2018: the reference GTEx v7 panel was preprocessed..


  • Peilin Jia (Author, maintainer)
  • Yulin Dai (Author, Data source maintainer)
  • Ruifeng Hu (Author, Website maintainer)
  • Guangsheng Pei (Author, Data source maintainer)
  • Astrid Manuel (Author)
  • Zhongming Zhao (Author, Website maintainer)