ICD-10-CM Cat 1 ICD-10-CM Cat 2 Trait Name # of GWAS in UKBB
Q00-Q99Q00-Q07Congenital malformations of the nervous system0
Q00-Q99Q10-Q18Congenital malformations of eye, ear, face and neck1
Q00-Q99Q20-Q28Congenital malformations of the circulatory system1
Q00-Q99Q30-Q34Congenital malformations of the respiratory system0
Q00-Q99Q35-Q37Cleft lip and cleft palate0
Q00-Q99Q38-Q45Other congenital malformations of the digestive system1
Q00-Q99Q50-Q56Congenital malformations of genital organs0
Q00-Q99Q60-Q64Congenital malformations of the urinary system0
Q00-Q99Q65-Q79Congenital malformations and deformations of the musculoskeletal system1
Q00-Q99Q80-Q89Other congenital malformations1
Q00-Q99Q90-Q99Chromosomal abnormalities, not elsewhere classified0