Screen analysis

The screen analysis calculates the SNP activity difference (SAD) and relative log fold changes of odds (log-odds) difference between two alleles across all chromatin features for a number of variants (up to 3000 per job). It is mainly used for preliminary screen to find out potential regulatory functional variants, e.g., ranking the query variants based on their SAD or log-odds difference. According to the functional category (DNase-seq, Histone ChIP-seq, TF ChIP-seq) and completeness of chromatin features, 7879 profiles are divided into two separate panels (see below): (a) DNA accessibility active, histone mark and CTCF binding sites and (b) Transcription factor binding sites.

NOTE: each variant will take about five seconds to run screen analysis. For jobs with more than a thousand of variants, it may take hours to finish. Please input an email address and keep record of the job identifier/ID to retrieve the results later. For each job, we accept a maximum of 3000 variants. If you have more than 3000 variants, please split into multiple jobs and upload separately.

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