Data Source for Linkage Study

1. Method

    The linkage datasets are collected based on two genome scan meta-analyses (GSMA). The first GSMA was applied to data from 20 schizophrenia genome-wide linkage scans ( Lewis et al. 2003). We selected 12 bins whose PAvgRnk and Pord are both <0.05, identified their corresponding physical locations on chromosomes, and extracted genes within these regions. These genes are then defined as " GSMA_I" in our database. The second GSMA was applied to 32 schizophrenia genome scans ( Ng et al. 2009). We obtained genes from 10 bins whose PSR are <0.05 for all the samples and 6 bins only for European samples. These two lists are defined as " GSMA_IIA" and " GSMA_IIE". The P value of each linkage bin was assigned to the genes within the bin.

2. Dataset Description
Table 1. Composition of linkage study defined gene set.
Table 2. Overlap between linkage gene sets.
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