Data Source for Gene Ontology Annotation

1. Method

    The GO_Annotation dataset contains genes which are annotated with neuro-related GO terms. In psychiatric genetics as well as other complex disease studies, investigators have often selected functional candidates falling under the heading referred to as "the usual suspects" such as the genes suggested by neurotransmitter psychopharmacology. Searching genes by appropriate GO terms is useful and efficient for this purpose. We collected a list of GO terms related to neuro-developmental recommended by our expert panel and restrict these GO terms with their level higher than 3. The number of such kind of GO terms annotated to a gene is then taken as the score of this gene. In total, we collected 1947 genes currently in the GO_Annotation dataset.

2. Neuro-related GO term
Table 1. The neuro-related keywords, number of GO terms and number of genes.
3. Dataset Description
Figure 1. Score distribution of Gene Ontology annotated gene set.