We searched in PubMed using the keyword "schizophrenia and genome-wide and expression [from 2008/1/1 to 2016/5/31]".

Study ID Platform Description DEG Tissue In SZGR2 Reference
DEG:Zhao_2015 RNA-sequencing 31 schizophrenia and 26 controls 105 genes Brain Included 25113377
DEG:Xu_2012 RNA-sequencing 3 schizophrenia and 3 controls ?? Blood Not Included 23282246
DEG:Sanders_2013 Illumina HT12v4 413 schizophrenia and 446 controls 95 transcripts Lymphoblastoid cell lines Included 23904455
DEG:Maycox_2009 Affymetrix microarray Data set HBB: 16 schizophrenic, 18 bipolar, 27 control and 3 schizoaffective
Data set CCHPC: 57 samples
51 common genes between the two data sets Data set HBB: dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (BA9); Data set CCHPC: BA10 Included 19255580

The following transcriptome data were collected for annotation and analyses of schizophrenia candidate genes in SZGR2.

Study ID Platform Description Tissue In SZGR2 Reference
BrainSpan developmental transcriptome dataset RNA-sequencing 578 samples were selected, splitting into 4 regions and 3 stages, shown as boxplot in gene pages. Brain Included BrainSpan
BrainSpan prenatal laminar neocortical microarray data Microarry The laminar neocortical data was generated using microarray for 4 samples while each sample was examined 9 layers of their neocortex9 layers of the neocortex were examined for each sample with deep categorization, with each layer further divided into ~30 areas. Brain Included 24695229
BrainCloud "Temporal Dynamics and Genetic Control of Transcription in the Human Prefrontal Cortex" Microarray 269 human postmortem dorsolateral prefrontal cortex samples, including 38 fetal samples and 231 other samples with up to age 80 years. Used to calculate the fetal beta value for each gene. Brain Included 22031444