1Psychiatr Serv 2009 Jul 60: 982-4
TitleAging fathers of adult children with schizophrenia: the toll of caregiving on their mental and physical health.
AbstractThe primary purpose of this study was to compare the physical and psychological well-being of caregiving fathers of an adult son or daughter with schizophrenia with a comparison group of fathers who do not have children with schizophrenia.
Data for the caregiving fathers (N=95) were drawn from a study of families of adults with schizophrenia; the comparison group of fathers (N=95) was drawn from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (WLS). Samples were matched on sociodemographic variables and analyzed with independent-samples t tests.
Fathers of adults with schizophrenia experienced higher levels of depression, poorer perceived health, lower levels of psychological well-being, and less marital satisfaction compared with their age-matched peers in the WLS.
This study found hidden personal costs of caregiving among fathers of adults with schizophrenia; strategies are needed for supporting these fathers.
SCZ Keywordsschizophrenia