KinaseMD: Kinase mutations and drug responses

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ID Description Download Size
1 All human kinase proteins with basic function annotations. kinase_basic_annotation.xlsx. 671K
2 All somatic mutations in human kinase proteins. all_mutation_filtered.txt. 56,565K
3 All drug response data from CCLE and GDSC for cell lines with kinase mutations. all_drug_response.txt. 24,766K
4 All drug response data from GDSC used for assessing drug resistance. GDSC_drug.txt. 24,345K
5 Drug resistsnce results based GDSC drug treatment data and the substructure mutations. drug_resistance.xlsx. 45k
6 Experimentally identified protein phosphorylations site in human from EPSD database. phosphorylations_site.txt. 62,337k
7 Experimentally determined substrates, sequences and cognate kinases information from the PhosphoSitePlus. kinase_substrate_dataset.txt. 1,824k
8 Full list of kinase regulatory network-rewiring mutations. network.xlsx. 22,220K