Search results: The pahtway p2526 has 14 genes in the original annotation. Currently, there are 7 genes in SZGR 2.0 (with evidence in schizophrenia) that are present at this pathway.

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Gene ID Symbol Synonyms Official Full Name Location SZ group ? Functional group ?
6815STYX-serine/threonine/tyrosine interacting protein-CV:PGCnp
80821DDHD1PA-PLA1 | PAPLA1 | SPG28DDHD domain containing 114q21CV:PGCnpAscano FMRP targets
283554GPR137CTM7SF1L2G protein-coupled receptor 137C14q22.1CV:PGCnp
57544TXNDC16ERp90 | KIAA1344thioredoxin domain containing 1614q22.1CV:PGCnp
10979FERMT2KIND2 | MIG2 | PLEKHC1 | UNC112 | UNC112B | mig-2fermitin family member 214q22.1CV:PGCnp
122786FRMD6C14orf31 | EX1 | Willin | c14_5320FERM domain containing 614q22.1CV:PGCnp
22795NID2NID-2nidogen 214q22.1CV:PGCnp