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6 Rat datasets list:

Dataset name or PMIDSpeciesMethodTissuePhenotype or TreatmentPublication
11772933RatMicroarrayFrontal cortex and amygdalaEthanol responseRimondini et al FASEB J. (2002) Long-lasting increase in voluntary ethanol consumption and transcriptional regulation in the rat brain after intermittent exposure to alcohol. PubMed
15660665RatMicroarrayHippocampusAlcohol-preferring, alcohol-nonpreferringEdenberg et al. Genes Brain Behav. (2005) Gene expression in the hippocampus of inbred alcohol-preferring and -nonpreferring rats. PubMed
15846778RatMicroarrayFrontal cortexAlcohol-preferring, alcohol-nonpreferringWorst et al. J Neurosci Res. (2005) Transcriptome analysis of frontal cortex in alcohol-preferring and nonpreferring rats. PubMed
17451403RatMicroarray and QTLNucleus accumbens, frontal cortex, amygdala, hippocampus, and striatumAlcohol Preference, alcohol-preferring, alcohol-nonpreferringCarr et al. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. (2007) Identification of candidate genes for alcohol preference by expression profiling of congenic rat strains. PubMed
17517326RatMicroarrayNucleus accumbens, amygdala, frontal cortex, caudate-putamen, and hippocampusAlcohol-preferring, alcohol-nonpreferringKimpel et al. Alcohol. (2007) Functional gene expression differences between inbred alcohol-preferring and -non-preferring rats in five brain regions. PubMed
18405950RatMicroarrayNucleus accumbens and amygdalaEthanol self-administration, alcohol-preferringRodd et al. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. (2008) Differential gene expression in the nucleus accumbens with ethanol self-administration in inbred alcohol-preferring rats. PubMed