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12 Mouse datasets list:

Dataset name or PMIDSpeciesMethodTissuePhenotype or TreatmentPublication
11410715MouseMicroarrayWhole brainEthanol sensitivityXu et al. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. (2001) Comparison of global brain gene expression profiles between inbred long-sleep and inbred short-sleep mice by high-density gene array hybridization. PubMed
12805289MouseMicroarray and QTLWhole brainAcute functional tolerance to ethanolTabakoff et al. J Neurosci. (2003) Selective breeding, quantitative trait locus analysis, and gene arrays identify candidate genes for complex drug-related behaviors. PubMed
15002731MouseMicroarrayWhole brainAcute ethanol responseTreadwell et al. Neurochem Res. (2004) Microarray analysis of mouse brain gene expression following acute ethanol treatment. PubMed
15282116MouseMicroarrayStriataAlcohol-nonpreferring, alcohol-preferring, alcohol self-administrationSaito et al. Alcohol. (2004) Mouse striatal transcriptome analysis: effects of oral self-administration of alcohol. PubMed
15668661MouseMicroarrayFetal brainEthanol responseHard et al. J Lab Clin Med. (2005) Gene-expression analysis after alcohol exposure in the developing mouse. PubMed
16465594MouseMicroarray and QTLCerebellumEthanol sensitivityMacLaren et al. Mamm Genome. (2006) Expression profiling identifies novel candidate genes for ethanol sensitivity QTLs. PubMed
16783646MouseMicroarray and QTLWhole brainAlcohol preference, acute functional toleranceSaba et al. Mamm Genome. (2006) Candidate genes and their regulatory elements: alcohol preference and tolerance. PubMed
17295719MouseMicroarrayCultured fetal mouse cortical neuronsEthanol responseWang et al. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. (2007) Regulation of platelet-derived growth factor signaling pathway by ethanol, nicotine, or both in mouse cortical neurons. PubMed
15745951MouseMicroarrayNucleus accumbens, prefrontal cortex, and ventral tegmental areaAcute ethanol responseKerns et al. J Neurosci. (2005) Ethanol-responsive brain region expression networks: implications for behavioral responses to acute ethanol in DBA/2J versus C57BL/6J mice. PubMed
16618939MouseMicroarrayWhole brainAlcohol preferenceMulligan et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. (2006) Toward understanding the genetics of alcohol drinking through transcriptome meta-analysis. PubMed
MouseQTLMouseQTL Acute Alcohol Withdrawal, Chronic Alcohol Withdrawal, Alcohol Preference Drinking, Alcohol Stimulated Activity, Alcohol-induced Loss of Righting Reflex, Alcohol AcceptancePARC Alcohol QTLs by Phenotype at Portland Alcohol Research Center.
15597075MouseMicroarray and QTLBrainAcute ethanol withdrawal, Chronic ethanol withdrawal, Ethanol preference drinking, Ethanol-stimulated activityHitzemann et al. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. (2004) On the integration of alcohol-related quantitative trait loci and gene expression analyses. PubMed