Summary ?
DescriptionSLU7 homolog, splicing factor
Gene typeprotein-coding
Map location5q33.3
Pascal p-value0.489
Sherlock p-value0.466
Fetal beta-0.313
DMG1 (# studies)

Gene in Data Sources
Gene set name Method of gene setDescriptionInfo
CV:PGCnpGenome-wide Association StudyGWAS
DMG:Nishioka_2013Genome-wide DNA methylation analysisThe authors investigated the methylation profiles of DNA in peripheral blood cells from 18 patients with first-episode schizophrenia (FESZ) and from 15 normal controls. 1
GSMA_IGenome scan meta-analysisPsr: 0.0032 
GSMA_IIEGenome scan meta-analysis (European-ancestry samples)Psr: 0.01718 
GSMA_IIAGenome scan meta-analysis (All samples)Psr: 0.00459 

Section I. Genetics and epigenetics annotation

@Differentially methylated gene

ProbeChromosomePositionNearest geneP (dis)Beta (dis)FDR (dis)Study

Section II. Transcriptome annotation

General gene expression (GTEx)

Not available

Gene expression during devlopment (BrainCloud)

A total of 269 time points ploted, with n=38 fetal samples (x=1:38). Each triangle represents one time point.

Gene expression of temporal and spatial changes (BrainSpan)

SC: sub-cortical regions; SM: sensory-motor regions; FC: frontal cortex; and TP: temporal-parietal cortex
ST1: fetal (13 - 26 postconception weeks), ST2: early infancy to late childhood (4 months to 11 years), and ST3: adolescence to adulthood (13 - 23 years)
The bar shown representes the lower 25% and upper 25% of the expression distribution.

No co-expressed genes in brain regions

Section III. Gene Ontology annotation

Molecular functionGO termEvidenceNeuro keywordsPubMed ID
GO:0000386second spliceosomal transesterification activityIDA10197984 
GO:0003676nucleic acid bindingIEA-
GO:0008270zinc ion bindingIDA15181151 
GO:0030628pre-mRNA 3'-splice site bindingIDA15728250 
GO:0046872metal ion bindingIEA-
Biological processGO termEvidenceNeuro keywordsPubMed ID
GO:0000380alternative nuclear mRNA splicing, via spliceosomeIDA15728250 
GO:0000389nuclear mRNA 3'-splice site recognitionIDA15728250 
GO:0006397mRNA processingIEA-
GO:0008380RNA splicingIEA-
Cellular componentGO termEvidenceNeuro keywordsPubMed ID
GO:0016607nuclear speckIDA15728250 
GO:0030532small nuclear ribonucleoprotein complexIDA15181151 

Section V. Pathway annotation

Pathway namePathway size# SZGR 2.0 genes in pathwayInfo
KEGG SPLICEOSOME 12872All SZGR 2.0 genes in this pathway
GINESTIER BREAST CANCER ZNF217 AMPLIFIED UP 7848All SZGR 2.0 genes in this pathway
HAMAI APOPTOSIS VIA TRAIL UP 584356All SZGR 2.0 genes in this pathway
MARSON BOUND BY FOXP3 UNSTIMULATED 1229713All SZGR 2.0 genes in this pathway
ACEVEDO LIVER CANCER UP 973570All SZGR 2.0 genes in this pathway
MELLMAN TUT1 TARGETS UP 1911All SZGR 2.0 genes in this pathway
MILI PSEUDOPODIA HAPTOTAXIS UP 518299All SZGR 2.0 genes in this pathway