Summary ?
Descriptionzinc finger DHHC-type containing 8
Gene typeprotein-coding
Map location22q11.21
Pascal p-value9.066E-5
Sherlock p-value0.122
Fetal beta-0.181

Gene in Data Sources
Gene set name Method of gene setDescriptionInfo
CNV:YESCopy number variation studiesManual curation
CV:PGCnpGenome-wide Association StudyGWAS
PMID:cooccurHigh-throughput literature-searchSystematic search in PubMed for genes co-occurring with SCZ keywords. A total of 3027 genes were included.
AssociationA combined odds ratio method (Sun et al. 2008), association studies2Link to SZGene
GSMA_IGenome scan meta-analysisPsr: 0.031 
LiteratureHigh-throughput literature-searchCo-occurance with Schizophrenia keywords: schizophrenia,schizophrenic,schizophrenics,schizophreniasClick to show details

Section I. Genetics and epigenetics annotation

Section II. Transcriptome annotation

General gene expression (GTEx)

Not available

Gene expression during devlopment (BrainCloud)

A total of 269 time points ploted, with n=38 fetal samples (x=1:38). Each triangle represents one time point.

Gene expression of temporal and spatial changes (BrainSpan)

SC: sub-cortical regions; SM: sensory-motor regions; FC: frontal cortex; and TP: temporal-parietal cortex
ST1: fetal (13 - 26 postconception weeks), ST2: early infancy to late childhood (4 months to 11 years), and ST3: adolescence to adulthood (13 - 23 years)
The bar shown representes the lower 25% and upper 25% of the expression distribution.

No co-expressed genes in brain regions

Section III. Gene Ontology annotation

Molecular functionGO termEvidenceNeuro keywordsPubMed ID
GO:0016740transferase activityIEA-
GO:0008270zinc ion bindingIEA-
GO:0008415acyltransferase activityIEA-
GO:0046872metal ion bindingIEA-
Cellular componentGO termEvidenceNeuro keywordsPubMed ID
GO:0016021integral to membraneIEA-
GO:0031410cytoplasmic vesicleIEA-
GO:0030659cytoplasmic vesicle membraneIEA-

Section V. Pathway annotation

Pathway namePathway size# SZGR 2.0 genes in pathwayInfo
STARK PREFRONTAL CORTEX 22Q11 DELETION DN 517309All SZGR 2.0 genes in this pathway
STARK HYPPOCAMPUS 22Q11 DELETION DN 2019All SZGR 2.0 genes in this pathway
CAMPS COLON CANCER COPY NUMBER UP 9245All SZGR 2.0 genes in this pathway
BOUDOUKHA BOUND BY IGF2BP2 11159All SZGR 2.0 genes in this pathway

Section VI. microRNA annotation

miRNA familyTarget positionmiRNA IDmiRNA seq
UTR startUTR endMatch method