1Am. J. Med. Genet. A 2014 Mar 164A: 782-8
TitleCharacterization of a 520 kb deletion on chromosome 15q26.1 including ST8SIA2 in a patient with behavioral disturbance, autism spectrum disorder, and epilepsy.
AbstractWe present a patient with a behavioral disorder, epilepsy, and autism spectrum disorder who has a 520?kb chromosomal deletion at 15q26.1 encompassing three genes: ST8SIA2, C15orf32, and FAM174B. Alpha-2,8-Sialyltransferase 2 (ST8SIA2) is expressed in the developing brain and appears to play an important role in neuronal migration, axon guidance and synaptic plasticity. It has recently been implicated in a genome wide association study as a potential factor underlying autism, and has also been implicated in the pathogenesis of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. This case provides supportive evidence that ST8SIA2 haploinsufficiency may play a role in neurobehavioral phenotypes.
SCZ Keywordsschizophrenia