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Dataset Description
  • Dataset Name: 18477577
  • Species: Human
  • Method: Addiction array gene list
  • No. of Genes: 130
  • Publication: Hodgkinson et al. Alcohol Alcohol. (2008) Addictions Biology: Haplotype-Based Analysis for 130 Candidate Genes on a Single Array. PubMed
  • Dataset Summary: To develop a panel of markers able to extract full haplotype information for candidate genes in alcoholism, other addictions and disorders of mood and anxiety. Methods: A total of 130 genes were haplotype tagged and genotyped in 7 case/control populations and 51 reference populations using Illumina GoldenGate SNP genotyping technology, determining haplotype coverage. The 130 candidate genes were selected on the basis of their roles in functional domains important in the addictions and in the related phenotypes of anxiety and depression. The candidate genes included a limited number involved in the pharmacokinetic domain (e.g. several genes in the ADH gene cluster, and ALDH genes). The majority of the genes represent the domains of vulnerability to drug use and pharmacodynamic response. These include dopamine, serotonin, glutamine, GABA, and opioid neurotransmitter genes, signaling genes, and genes modulating stress resiliency and behavioral dyscontrol domains. There is a high degree of overlap between functional gene categories because of pleiotropic actions of molecules on behavior.

    Gene list of this dataset (130 genes)
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    GeneIDSymbolNameGenetic location
    113ADCY7adenylate cyclase 716q12-q13
    124ADH1Aalcohol dehydrogenase 1A (class I), alpha polypeptide4q21-q23
    125ADH1Balcohol dehydrogenase 1B (class I), beta polypeptide4q21-q23
    126ADH1Calcohol dehydrogenase 1C (class I), gamma polypeptide4q21-q23
    127ADH4alcohol dehydrogenase 4 (class II), pi polypeptide4q21-q24|4q22
    128ADH5alcohol dehydrogenase 5 (class III), chi polypeptide4q21-q25
    130ADH6alcohol dehydrogenase 6 (class V)4q23
    131ADH7alcohol dehydrogenase 7 (class IV), mu or sigma polypeptide4q23-q24
    148ADRA1Aadrenergic, alpha-1A-, receptor8p21-p11.2
    150ADRA2Aadrenergic, alpha-2A-, receptor10q24-q26
    151ADRA2Badrenergic, alpha-2B-, receptor2p13-q13
    152ADRA2Cadrenergic, alpha-2C-, receptor4p16
    154ADRB2adrenergic, beta-2-, receptor, surface5q31-q32
    216ALDH1A1aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family, member A19q21.13
    217ALDH2aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 family (mitochondrial)12q24.2
    409ARRB2arrestin, beta 217p13
    552AVPR1Aarginine vasopressin receptor 1A12q14-q15
    553AVPR1Barginine vasopressin receptor 1B1q32
    627BDNFbrain-derived neurotrophic factor11p13
    9607CARTPTCART prepropeptide5q13.2
    886CCKARcholecystokinin A receptor4p15.1-p15.2
    887CCKBRcholecystokinin B receptor11p15.4
    8851CDK5R1cyclin-dependent kinase 5, regulatory subunit 1 (p35)17q11.2
    1128CHRM1cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 111q13
    1129CHRM2cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 27q31-q35
    1131CHRM3cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 31q43
    1132CHRM4cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 411p12-p11.2
    1133CHRM5cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 515q26
    1137CHRNA4cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, alpha 420q13.2-q13.3
    1141CHRNB2cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, beta 2 (neuronal)1q21.3
    9575CLOCKclock homolog (mouse)4q12
    1268CNR1cannabinoid receptor 1 (brain)6q14-q15
    1385CREB1cAMP responsive element binding protein 12q34
    1392CRHcorticotropin releasing hormone8q13
    1393CRHBPcorticotropin releasing hormone binding protein5q11.2-q13.3
    1394CRHR1corticotropin releasing hormone receptor 117q12-q22
    1395CRHR2corticotropin releasing hormone receptor 27p15.1
    1454CSNK1Ecasein kinase 1, epsilon22q13.1
    1571CYP2E1cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily E, polypeptide 110q24.3-qter
    1621DBHdopamine beta-hydroxylase (dopamine beta-monooxygenase)9q34
    1622DBIdiazepam binding inhibitor (GABA receptor modulator, acyl-Coenzyme A binding protein)2q12-q21
    1644DDCdopa decarboxylase (aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase)7p11
    1812DRD1dopamine receptor D15q35.1
    1813DRD2dopamine receptor D211q23
    1814DRD3dopamine receptor D33q13.3
    1815DRD4dopamine receptor D411p15.5
    1816DRD5dopamine receptor D54p16.1
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