Search results: The pahtway p959 has 11 genes in the original annotation. Currently, there are 5 genes in SZGR 2.0 (with evidence in schizophrenia) that are present at this pathway.

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Gene ID Symbol Synonyms Official Full Name Location SZ group ? Functional group ?
23594ORC6ORC6Lorigin recognition complex subunit 616q12CV:PGCnp
1870E2F2E2F-2E2F transcription factor 21p36CV:GWASdb
84515MCM8C20orf154 | POF10 | dJ967N21.5minichromosome maintenance 8 homologous recombination repair factor20p12.3CV:PGCnp
1871E2F3E2F-3E2F transcription factor 36p22CV:PGCnp
5001ORC5ORC5L | ORC5P | ORC5T | PPP1R117origin recognition complex subunit 57q22.1CV:PGCnp